Centrale Commissies Voortentamen - CCVX

The Central Committees for Entrance Exams are national cooperative associations of Dutch Universities. The objective of these committees is to examine the knowledge of candidates who wish to gain access to the university on the basis of articles 7.24 to 7.29 of the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act. These are usually students who want to enrol in a particular programme but first have to meet other entrance requirements. The testimonies of the CCVX are recognised by all departments of all Dutch universities.

There are four committees:      the Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Biologie (CCVB) for biology
 the Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Natuurkunde (CCVN) for physics
 the Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Scheikunde (CCVS) for chemistry
 the Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Wiskunde (CCVW) for mathematics

These committees are collectively referred to as CCVX. The CCVX tests the candidates' knowledge by means of a written exam they have to pass before they can be admitted to the university. That is why we call this exam an entrance exam. If you take part in the decentralised selection procedure, the university you applied at may demand that you take the entrance exam before registering for decentralised selection. The entrance exam can be taken three times a year for each subject. The entrance exam covers all subject matter taught at vwo level (Dutch pre-university education), both the subjects of the school exam and those of the national exam. Unlike the normal vwo exam, however, the entrance exam does not contain a practical exam and no subjects or learning groups are excluded from the vwo programme. Dates, subject matter and sample exams can be found at the bottom of this page.

Under the Higher Education and Research Act, the universities collaborating in the CCVX are responsible for the entrance exams.
The fee to take an entrance exam is 91,-. If you want to take another entrance exam or resit an entrance exam, you will have to pay another 91,- fee.
The registration deadline is 10 days before the exam.
The entrance exams take place in Utrecht only.
The are offered in Dutch and in English.
Concerning corona there is more info on the special CCVX Corona information page

The results of the entrance exams of November and December will be available on time to meet the deadline of 15 January.
The results of the entrance exams of April will be available on time to meet the deadline of 15 May.
The results of the entrance exams of July will be available on time to meet the deadline of 15 August (or earlier if required by your university. Some universities require results before 15 July, in that case you can ask that university for postponement until 1 August in most cases.

Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Biologie (for biology)

Tentamendata 2021/2022
  • about Wednesday 7 december 2022

  • Tuesday 19 April 2022

  • Friday 15 July 2022
syllabus entrance exam biology


entrance exam Biology
entrance exam Biology - answers (in Dutch)

Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Natuurkunde (for physics)

Tentamendata 2021/2022
  • about Friday 25 November 2022

  • Monday 25 April 2022

  • Monday 18 July 2022
    • in Utrecht : 13.30 - 16.30
      Educatorium : rooms Beta and Gamma
syllabus entrance exam physics

Examples of Physiscs exams

Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Scheikunde (for chemistry)

Tentamendata 2021/2022
  • about Monday 28 November 2022

  • Friday 15 April 2022

  • Wednesday 20 July 2022
syllabus entrance exam chemistry


entrance exam Chemistry example 1
entrance exam Chemistry examle 1 - answers (in Dutch)

entrance exam Chemistry example 2
entrance exam Chemistry examle 2 - answers (in Dutch)

Centrale Commissie Voortentamen Wiskunde (for mathematics)

Tentamendata 2021/2022
  • about Thursday 15 December 2022 (math A)

  • Thursday 21 April 2022 (math A)

  • Friday 22 July 2022 (math A)

  • about Friday 16 December 2022 (math B)

  • Friday 22 April 2022 (math B)

  • Saturday 23 July 2022 (math B)
    • in Utrecht : 13.30 - 16.30
      Educatorium : rooms Alfa and Gamma

syllabus entrance exam MathA

syllabus entrance exam MathB

Examples of Math exams