Various ways to prepare for an entrance exam if you master the Dutch language

There are various ways to prepare for an entrance exam. There are many things to take into consideration when you plan your preparation. First of all, there are of course the course fees, travel time and travel expenses. Are you confident and do you prefer to prepare for the exam all by yourself? Did you find the subject easy in the past or did you drop it because you were not good at it? Are you good at working alone or do you need an incentive? Do you know someone who is able and willing to help you? Would you like to have someone or a group of people who can help you through a bad patch? Are you able to attend classes at regular times? These are some of the questions you could ask yourself. In general, the more abstract a subject is and the more maths it involves, the more complicated many people find it, and the more difficulties they have to prepare for it by themselves. It is very important to do a lot of practice exercises.
Below, you will find a list of options. To be clear, we must emphasise that the fact that we mention an institute, this does not mean that the CCVX guarantees the quality of that institution's courses. Also note that the course covers the entire vwo subject matter, i.e. the subject matter of both the vwo school exam and the national exam.

Good examples of questions are in the examinations of the revised second phase vwo final exams. These can be found on the internet,, or on Keep in mind that not all topics are still in the current program. Some topics are new and are therefore missing. In old exams some topics may be abandoned and no longer in the current program.

Courses (classroom instruction)
There are several institutes that offer "classroom" courses. You receive relatively intensive coaching from a teacher and you will have a group of fellow students for feedback. Moreover, these courses will keep you busy and offer a structured way of learning. There is a price tag attached to them though.
The regional education centres (Regionale Onderwijs Centra or ROCs) offer VAVO programmes that prepare you for the state exams, and grant part certifications. You can even obtain a complete Dutch havo or vwo certificate there. VAVO stands for general secondary education for adults.
Boswell-Bta and WisMon also offer courses, and they organise exam training and coaching. VASVU is a good option for candidates who followed their preparatory training abroad.
In addition, there are some providers of private coaching and/or coaching in small groups: E=MC bijlescoaching,, Wisc (private mathematics coaching), "Wiskundig" agency for mathematics, and ChemieOnderDeKnie for coaching, a chemistry course and exam training.

Courses (distance education)
This is cheaper and involves less travel expenses. You will have less coaching and you work by yourself. You can draw up your own schedule (but it is important that you are able to stick to it). There are several institutes where you can follow written courses. Some examples are LOI and NHA. In general, these courses prepare you for a state exam, but they are also useful as CCVX entrance exam preparation. The site natuurkundeuitgelegd offers help to prepare yourself for the physics entrance exam.

Home study
This is the cheapest option. You can prepare yourself individually using books. The website 10voorBiologie offers an online biology course. For many people, home study is very difficult because you have to do it all on your own. If you choose this option, it is recommended to find someone who can help you if you get stuck. For example a friend, an acquaintance or a teacher of your old school. Furthermore, you need a lot of self-discipline and motivation. It is very important to do a lot of practice exercises. A common mistake when doing sums is to check the answer too soon.

About learning a science subject
Doing practice exercises is the most important. Do as many of them as possible, and make sure you do not have the answers within easy reach. A large part of the courses consists of solving problems and strategies to do that. If you do not follow a course, try to find someone in your environment who can and is willing to help you in case you have any questions. It is also a good idea to team up with another student who is preparing for an entrance exam so you can help each other. You can learn a lot by explaining the subject matter to someone else. That is why teachers know so much ;-)

State Exams Secondary Education (part certifications) and testimonies.
There are different ways to prepare for an entrance exam. If you pass an entrance exam, you will receive a testimony from the CCVX and eliminate your deficiency for that subject.
You can also take a state exam for one or more subjects. A state exam consists of a written and an oral part. If you pass a state exam, you will receive a so-called part certificate. A part certification also eliminates your deficiency for the subject in question. With enough part certifications, you can even obtain a complete vwo diploma.
If you prepare for the state exam you prepare for the CCVX entrance exam at the same time, because the subject matter of the CCVX is the same as that of the state exams. It is possible to register for both. If you wish to take the spring or summer state exam, you have to register before 1 January. For more details about the state exams, please refer to
A part certification eliminates your deficiency for the subject in question, but it does NOT work the other way around anymore: holders of a CCVX testimony are no longer granted an exemption for the state exam of the corresponding subject.