Double-quick correction

The CCVX has only a very limited capacity to mark the entrance exams before 15 May or 15 August. We only reserve this capacity for candidates where:
  1. The study for which the candidate takes the examination requires that the result is known earlier.
  2. The candidate can prove in writing (on paper, possibly printed out) that he / she has requested a delay for sending the result and can prove in writing that this delay has not been granted by that university.
In all other cases we not honor requests for extra fast correction.

We receive many requests from:
  • candidates who still want to register for another study in time if they do not pass the preliminary examination
  • candidates who - if they do not pass the exam - want to register for another exam
  • candidates who in respect to work in the holiday or a regular job are bound by a deadline
  • candidates in respect to planning \ booking a holiday have a deadline
  • candidates who are bound by a deadline with regard to finding accommodation
  • all other categories that do not meet conditions 1 and 2
Almost half of the total number of participants in our preliminary exams fall into one or more of these categories. And this number exceeds our ability to mark quickly many times. For none of these categories can we therefore mark the exam more quickly. We cannot process (the large number!) requests to make an exception.

Candidates who can satisfy the conditions 1. and 2. can submit a request from half an hour after the start of the exam (no earlier) to half an hour before the end of the exam (no later) while we are checking the identification. It is not possible to submit a request earlier (for example by e-mail or telephone).