Textbooks and other materials

If you are able to read Dutch books you may find some useful information below. If you can't read Dutch books, thing are a bit more complicated.

The subject matter for the exams can be found in the series of textbooks used in Dutch secondary programmes. Some textbooks are more suitable for home study than others. Sometimes, you can find the textbooks in a public library (in the Netherlands) and look at them before you decide which series or approach you like most.
If you follow a course, the organiser of the course usually tells you which textbooks to buy. Some suggestions for series of textbooks are given below. These textbooks are also used at Dutch secondary schools and in organisations that offer courses to prepare for the entrance exams. In principal, every series of textbooks used at secondary schools covers all subject matter. This is the subject matter of vwo years 4, 5 and 6. Bear in mind that most of textbooks are also available in a havo version, so make sure you do not confuse them.

The CCVX is not an expert in the field of the different textbooks. We cannot provide you with answers to detailed questions such as whether a specific edition of textbook X is still useful, or which chapters you need to study exactly. You alone are responsible for choosing a book that covers the present subject matter of the final examinations (from May 2017).

The necessary materials can be bought from a bookshop. Second-hand copies are sometimes available as well. The website bol.com offers the option to choose between new and second-hand books. Some other examples of online providers are VanDijk.nl, StudieBoeken.nl and studystore.nl. Renting is also an option; books for all science subjects can bought second-hand or rented from Wismon (www.wismon.nl/boekenservice).

The series 10voorbiologie has an online version (www.10voorbiologie.nl) and offers a printing service. The series "Biologie voor jou" is often used at vwo level and consists of three volumes (textbooks): 4vwo, 5vwo and 6vwo.

The series "Systematische Natuurkunde" includes four textbooks and three exercise books.

The series "Chemie overal" consists of three textbooks and three answer books.

Mathematics A
The series "Getal en Ruimte vwo A" 11th edition, see in more detail the leerstof CCVW voortentamen wiskunde A.

Mathematics B
The series "Getal en Ruimte vwo B" 11th edition, see in more detail the leerstof CCVW voortentamen wiskunde B.


BINAS book
For the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics, you will need a BINAS book (5th or later edition).

For all subjects, you will need a calculator with logarithmic and goniometric functions. Graphic calculators are not allowed.

More information
The series "Samengevat" offers brief summaries of each subject, including examples. The books are cheap and are very useful for recap, but they cannot replace a complete series of textbooks mentioned above.
The series "examenbundel" provides recent wvo final examination assignments for each subject. Most of these final examinations can be found on the internet as well.

Subject matter
The only valid description of the subject matter of the CCVX is the one you find on this website. The subject matter of the CCVX entrance exams is closely related to the subject matter of the subjects taught at secondary schools. In the "new" second phase (exams from May 2016) have been described in less detail by the minister than in the "old" second phase (until 2015). A fairly reliable (but not legally waterproof) overview is provided in the series "Samengevat".