CCVX Corona information page

Situation 15 August 2022

On this page we will keep you informed about the situation concerning the coronavius. And the consequences this has for our entrance exams.

Now that almost all corona measures have been cancelled, we assume that we will be able to hold the entrance exams this year as we did before the coronavirus outbreak.
But nobody knows how the situation will develop. Not even the CCVX.

We have investigated the possibility of taking entrance exams online. All universities are currently sometimes taking online exams for their own students. While accepting the risk of fraud. However concerning taking entrance exams online, almost all consulted universities consider a careful and reliable selection of a.s.students so important that they consider the risk of fraud to be too high. So we will not organise online exams.
We will certainly not organize oral entrance exams.
Furthermore, it is only possible to take the exam at the location and time stated on the website. So also not abroad. If you have to come from abroad you may not be able to take the exam due to restrictions on travelling to\from the Netherlands. See the info from the Dutch government for the current rules on

Please do not ask us any questions and please do not present all kinds of scenarios to us, if in case ... we ... Or how we respond to yet another corona variant or announced measure. Most of the time we do not know this and we cannot and do not want to speculate about this. Because every answer today may be outdated a couple of weeks later. Please do not ask questions to the people of the UMCU or the webshop either, as they also do not have any relevant information for you.

In summary: It is very frustrating for everyone that the Corona virus causes so much uncertainty, but unfortunately things are as the are. But if there is no new outbreak of the corona virus, the entrance exams will be held in November/December.