Only in writing and in Utrecht

Only in Utrecht
It is only possible to take the exam at the location, date and time stated on the website. So not abroad either. If you need to come from abroad, you may not be able to take the entrance exam due to restrictions on travel to/from the Netherlands. See the information from the Dutch government for the current rules regarding corona at

Only in writing
The exam can only be taken in writing (with pen and paper). So not electronically, for example using a laptop. It is therefore also not possible to take an oral entrance exam.

Never online
All universities sometimes offer online exams for their own students. They accept the risk of fraud. However, almost all consulted study programs consider a careful and reliable selection of prospective students to be so important that they consider the risk of fraud when taking entrance exams online to be too high. We therefore never offer entrance exams online. This means that all candidates must come to Utrecht (in the Netherlands), even if they live very far away, for example in China or Australia.